The First Steps to Personal Empowerment

personal empowerment

Some recent musings…

Seeking the truth and finding balance are some of our highest personal values here at Sovereignty Lab. In seeking truth, you commit to a higher degree of personal integrity. Personal integrity is one of the first steps to personal empowerment.

Keep in mind, there is a balance between taking in information (receiving- feminine) and moving forward with action (doing-masculine). In essence, it’s finding the balance between these two energies at any given point in time throughout the day.

Many of the projects started here at the Lab don’t necessarily get finished in the same day or even that week! Many times the focus and direction of the day is determined by checking in with spirit to determine if the tide has changed. There is always the reconciliation between what we believe needs to be done and what we are actually going to do that day to keep in flow.

There are plenty of tools we use to harmonize the energy in ourselves, the house and on the land. We will be sharing those with you in the near future as we build out this blog.

Personal growth and the progression forward of projects at the Lab are absolutely interrelated, and many times, we notice that the stagnation of a project is directly connected to some personal growth piece that needs to be looked at and learned from first.

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