Homeopathy for Post Covid Symptoms

Homeopathy POST COVID

I gotta brag on myself for a minute.

FOUR weeks ago, Leslie started her first homeopathic remedy EVER

When she came to me, she was suffering from what looked like a post COVID “encephalitis” type condition…. (encephalitis = inflammation of the brain)

She had been suffering from these post COVID symptoms since December 2021! ALMOST AN ENTIRE YEAR!!!

Our appointment was just two days ago, and the results were PHENOMENAL!!

Like WAY BEYOND my expectations…

Leslie’s sleeping sickness (“going into hibernation mode for 72 hours every two weeks with no warning…she wouldn’t even wake up to pee!) STOPPED. She has more energy and is sleeping her normal schedule now (which had also been disturbed). Her anxiety levels dropped drastically. Her ability to concentrate greatly improved. She stopped “picking” at her hair, face, body, etc (we are talking literally picking, NOT making fun of). Her fear of bugs disappeared. Her sex drive increased. Her hypersensitivity to smells went away…

All without any drugs, without any side effects, with just a simple 5 drop dose of a homeopathic remedy each day and like magic, the symptoms began to fade away.

I love these kinds of cases. They keep me going as a homeopathic practitioner. This is literally one for the journals! I can’t wait to see what else happens in this case! IT’S ONLY BEEN 4 WEEKS Y’ALL!!! WOO HOO!!

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