When Homeopathy Causes “No Change”

when homeopathy causes no change

“There’s been no change…” These were the first words that came from Catalina’s mouth at her first follow up consultation… And yes, after being in the field of homeopathy since 2004, this one little statement can still make my asshole pucker in a fleeting moment of self doubt***… then things like this situation happen and I remember, THIS IS WHY I’M STILL PRACTICING…

The fact is, as a homeopath, you hear the decree that nothing has changed fairly OFTEN at the first follow up! And there’s a good neurological reason for it…but I digress…

As Catalina’s story unfolded, she went from THIS:

  • “I’ve not really noticed anything”
  • “I don’t know what I’m looking for or supposed to be noticing”


  • “ I’ve been laying down 2-3 times per week to get more sleep that I need and hadn’t allowed myself to before and it’s DELICIOUS”
  • “I’m learning to reprioritize things right now. Like my house is a mess. But I’m shelling these peas so they don’t mold. I’m spending more time with my 6 yo daughter cause you can’t get that time back. I decided to reprioritize spending time with my mom and sisters when they come for a visit so we can continue our tradition of family game nights. I’d forgotten how much they mean to me”
  • “It used to be that I was waiting for things to settle down before making a change. And I realize they just never do, and I just have to jump in and move things out of the way! And that’s what I’ve been doing!“
  • “I realized how relaxing and important it is for me to work with my hands and how I just haven’t been doing that so much. So I cleared some space in my sewing room cause I need to let off this stress and I’ve started cross stitching again!”
  • “I had overnight visits with two of my closest friends and we had “life- catch up conversations.” It was so needed to help me solidify things I was already percolating”
  • “I think I lied to you on the intake! I don’t think I accurately explained how stressed out I was and how I bottle it up inside myself!” [author’s note: she’s lucky I completely saw through the facade and could tell she was under duress…it’s hard to hide stress like that!]
  • “My sex drive is middling now! It was non existent before! Now, I’m aware that I have one as opposed to being completely blank (she laughed)!!”
  • “I used to have daily headaches and now I notice many times that I don’t actually have a headache! AND THAT IS DIFFERENT!!”

These were amazing changes!

And this was ONLY the first follow up, for her it was about 6 weeks of taking the remedies cause she kept putting off the follow up, HA!!

This is also why I have such a hard time explaining to people what is going happen when they take a homeopathic remedy(s)…cause the shifts affect every aspect of your life in pleasant and unexpected ways. It’s like, homeopathic treatment unfurls what’s all jumbled in our lives.

What it REALLY Means “When Homeopathy Causes No Change!”

This is why when someone says “nothing has changed” it’s because the shifts are so subtle and come so EASILY, people often don’t see them as real changes and believe they might be making it up (YEP, I hear this ALOT – “I’m probably just rationalizing or making this up. It probably won’t last. I’m just excited” “Someone finally listened to me”)…

Humans have a lot of negative self talk or negative subconscious programming. We don’t want to believe that healing, or positive life change can be this easy.

But I’m here to tell you, that it can be as easy as taking your homeopathic remedy(s) as prescribed.

Life is tough. Homeopathy is such a valuable and underrated super-tool. Yep, I just made that term up. If we can declare things as “superfoods” or “supergreens”, then I declare homeopathy as a supertool!

***But, even though I KNOW to expect it, there is often still a moment of doubt for myself as a practitioner… then I remember all the hundreds of times I have heard it, and remind myself that I can’t change people’s responses. I can only change my OWN… Dang. Gotta love when you get a big dose of the medicine you need just by delivering individualized medicine to others…

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