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Meet Xristina

I have a lot of tools in my toolbox that I use to help people feel more grounded and aligned in their life, have better health and feel more present in their body.

Some of my talents and skills include being: a Professional Homeopath; a highly gifted Medical Intuitive; a custom Medicine Maker.

My Homeopathic Background

I began my homeopathic training in 2004 with an 8 year intensive clinical apprenticeship. I hold undergraduate and post graduate training certificates.  I have written dozens of blogs,  published articles in several professional homeopathic journals, given numerous presentations on homeopathy to medical school students, presented at The National Center for Homeopathy annual conference and co-headlined two homeopathic conferences.

Homeopathy as an Agent for Change

Homeopathy is the truly an amazingly gentle and profoundly powerful natural health and healing tool that raises the bodies vibration and resistance. It is the perfect compliment to our personal development and spiritual paths. It can help us shift into gentler, easier and more profound growth like no other modality I have experienced! Funny thing is, because it is so subtle in what it can do and not well publicized, it’s an often overlooked modality in this arena!

Medical Intuition

I have been developing my intuition for many decades. When I learned to read the energy of machines and electromagnetic fields, and when I could find my way in a new place when I was lost – all with accuracy and repeatability – I knew I was reaching proficiency!

My homeopathic and health training takes this skill to a new level. I am able to use my gifts to help you understand what is going on in your body, choose effective homeopathic (and other) remedies and dive deeper not only into the causes, but also help you see and access the tools you need to reclaim your health and happiness.


I believe everything that happens in our lives, happens FOR US and not TO US. While this “ideal” is great on paper, it has required the deepest levels of personal integrity, responsibility, trust, faith and ownership for my own choices. It has been challenging, yet rewarding.

It Takes a Village

We all find ourselves needing help and guidance from time to time. Sometimes, we don’t realize how badly we need help since we don’t have the perspective to see it! That is what we do for each other – we keep each other in check, we call each other out, we have each other’s backs, we compassionately point out what needs to be seen. I prefer to work in partnership with my clients. Honestly, if we don’t grow together and BOTH have insights and revelations along the journey, then to me, it’s not worth it! If you have made it this far and are getting excited, we will probably do great work together!!

Xristina Thevaos Homeopathy Medical Intuitive

Xristina Thevaos


Homeopathic Sessions with Xristina

Homeopathy needs monitoring. Even in homeopathic school, they encouraged us to work with our own homeopath who can see our situation/health more objectively and guide us! I have done this myself since 2004!

Healing is a process that will take several months to several years, depending on how long you have had symptoms you need help with.

Make a commitment to your health when you decide to work with me. This will allow you to get the most out of our time together.

Have regular follow ups to check in on the progress. This is the most effective way to see good results through ongoing support. During follow ups, I track the progression of your emotional, mental and physical symptoms. I will make changes to your remedy schedule as needed. Follow ups will be approximately every 4 weeks in the first few months, then as your situation stabilizes, we go to check-ins every 6 weeks or every few months- it really depends on the “intensity” of your symptoms and how fast things “move”.

How to Work With Me

I offer quick clinic consults, subscriptions (highly recommended) and packages of sessions. We can work in person (I’m North of Asheville in Weaverville, NC), via video or phone call. I do ask to see your face for at least the first appointment and on occasional follow ups (either in person or via video).

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Quickie Clinic Consult

Accident? Injury? Acute Sickness?

15 min @ $40

per consult

Accident? Injury? Acute Sickness?

Quickie Clinic is a 15 minute quick consult for these types of situations as well as super simple cases!


Quickie Clinic Consult

Accident? Injury? Acute Sickness?

30 min @ $80

per consult

Accident? Injury? Acute Sickness?

Quickie Clinic is a 30 minute quick consult for these types of situations as well as super simple cases!



Monthly Subscription

Health Insurance Alternative


per month

Think of a homeopathic subscription as “alternative health insurance.” Subscriptions are great for ongoing treatment, as well as having a homeopath “on-call.”


4 Session Package

4 Sessions per Year


for package

A package of homeopathic/medical intuititive sessions to use within ONE YEAR. Great option for folks who are generally in good health, but minor issues they need help tracking and resolving.


My Apothecary and Pharmacy

I am blessed to have an abundantly stocked homeopathic pharmacy with over 3000 remedies in various potencies available! I also have an nice collection of flower essences as well as foraged and homegrown herbs.

I can craft custom homeopathic remedies, salves, tinctures, oxymels, elixirs, tonics and more for my clients.

PLEASE NOTE: Results are not guaranteed. All services are for educational purposes only and are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, give advice or recommendations. Remedies and/or other medicaments, and shipping are billed separately. Refunds are not offered for any services or products. Subscriptions can be canceled at anytime. Canceled subscriptions stop at the of the billing cycle.

*** The Subscription price for Complicated Conditions such as MS, chronic infections, tumors, etc, is $175 to $250/mo which will be determined at my discretion.

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