Suffering in Silence: Feeling Like a Fake

Suffering in Silence Feeling Like a Fake

These days, it’s easy to find some kind of help if you are suffering from “conditions” like depression, PMS, anger or anxiety. But what if you are suffering from another kind of emotional problem. One that no one is talking about. What do you do then?

Here’s one example: Feeling Like a Fake…

“Pretending” you are something you are not leads to you feeling like a fake or a fraud. It lowers you self-esteem even further as you reinforce your existing belief that just being YOURSELF isn’t good enough. It may even cause you to think so little of yourself that you are willing to engage in demoralizing behavior like sexual acts, open relationships, additive behaviors, talking down to or blaming others for your own stuff, or completely ignoring your own feelings and needs.

Unfortunately, it is more common of an occurrence than you might think. Maybe you lie a little to your spouse. Maybe you exaggerate or even make up your “escapades” to your friends. Perhaps you claim to have more expertise than you really do. Maybe you talk with an “air” in your voice so you come across as having more stature or “sound more believable” or “authentic”. Maybe your never admit to yourself what you really need, and as a consequence, you don’t even know what that is anymore.

This is one of those call-outs most people read and are like, “that’s a load of crap. That’s not me AT ALL.” Then tonight you might have an extra glass of wine. You’ll smoke a few more cigarettes or an extra joint. Maybe you’ll pop an extra pill. Or perhaps you’ll eat a few more bites of dessert. Maybe you’ll book yourself to attend an extra event to socialize and distract yourself from yourself. Or you might engage in some other addiction. Whatever your drug or comfort of choice is, when you are feeling inadequate, you may tend to subconsciously cover up your feelings of inadequacy by stuffing them down with drugs, foods, movies and other behaviors.

Why Do People Pretend?

Usually due to a distorted sense of self-image, low self esteem, feelings of worthlessness, not fitting in, abandonment issues, lack of self love…you could spend years getting to the bottom of WHY you feel or behave a certain way… or, there might be another solution!

What can your doctor do to help you with this problem? “What problem!” you say. “I’ve never heard anyone talking about this or seen any commercial selling some pharmaceutical for it!” But if you do go to your doctor, perhaps they’ll put you on an antidepressant, although it’s not depression you are suffering from. There’s always anti-anxiety drugs, although your anxiety is due to the fact that someone might discover you are a “fake”. A psychologist might help, but then you will have to talk about all the intimate details of your “condition” and you probably don’t want to do that. And if it helps, it might take years of talking about it over and over again before you begin to feel less “fake”.

A Cure For The Silent Sufferings Of The Human Condition

There is hope for feelings of inadequacy (and so many other conditions that are either nameless or we feel some sense of shame talking about them). There is a system of “medicine” that eases the silent sufferings of the human condition. One that has the capacity to ease one back into health bringing new perspective, awareness and a sense of joy to those who had been lacking. I’m talking about homeopathy – a gentle and restorative form of medicine that can do so much more than heal a bruise, relieve allergies or soothe a teething baby.

From their clinical practice, every homeopath will have dozens of stories of their client’s journeys of self discovery, how those clients (and perhaps, even the homeopaths themselves) are leading happier, more productive lives, and how they feel more real, more whole, more authentic. The nice thing about going to a homeopath is that you aren’t going to be judged no matter what you tell them! You aren’t going to be labeled or classified. You aren’t even going to be medicated. But you will find comfort, caring and a real honest to goodness solution for your problem – a restoration of your health. And a new lease on life. What more can you ask for?

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