January 2023 Update – What’s Going On


  • We had 3/4 of our chickens molting for nearly 4 months now and got no eggs this whole time! Fortunately, we had glassed about 15 dozen eggs and were able to use those! (interesting experience, Christina will write more on that later). When we ran out of the glassed eggs , we traded homeopathic remedies and some of Christina’s salves/oils for local duck eggs which were amazing! So, being that it’s winter (lowered egg production) and our hens are only 1.5 yrs old, we know not to expect too much, but also that they have plenty of laying time left…Christina started them on a homeopathic remedy a few days ago and we are starting to get a few eggs from them again! YAY!! 🙌 We are excited to see her homeopathic training helping animals too!…Please reach out if you’d like any support with the people or animals in your life… 🙂
  • Our aquaponics system had a mishap just before the real cold weather snap – we didn’t realize the water heater had stopped working since it showed the temperature was in the range we wanted…well, the tank actually got so cold, our tilapia became slushy pops! So we pivoted and ate them… now are waiting to decide what to do next regarding the fish/aquaponics system!
  • We have been in conversation with several primitive and heritage skills instructors to begin teaching classes and offering skill shares here on the land…We’ll share more information as that comes available…
  • We put down cover crops in all the raised beds, planted more elderberry cuttings, putting black capped raspberry cuttings into pots for trading later, propagating the wild plants on the land we want more of…


  • At the healing center, we’ve added aerial silks and getting ready to add a yoga swing. We already have a stall bar, Pravilo, free weights, as well as an amethyst Biomat, 2 beamer (PEMF) mats and more!

It’s been fun! and this isn’t even a complete list!

2023 is gonna be an epic Year ✨🧬


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