Madame X's Lair - Gypsy Speakeasy Social


May 13, 2022    
7:00 pm - 11:00 pm


Sovereignty Lab
4 Locust Grove Road, Weaverville, NC, 28787

Join Madame X
for an Evening of Fun and Intrigue at her
Gypsy Speakeasy Social Event!

  • In Madame X’s Lair, a Speakeasy is a place to “freely to be yourself without judgement”
  • Bring something fun/unique/weird to trade during the Oddities Exchange (use this as an opportunity to tune into your intuition – what is catching your eye, what is whispering to you to be brought even if it doesn’t make any sense WHY? Guaranteed someone is calling for it who needs it at the event!)
  • Enjoy Non Alcoholic Medicinal Elixirs blended just for this event to help us connect to our higher selves, be in alignment and drop into our bodies. (Alcohol free event)
  • Dip into the divinely scented Vanilla Mugwort Anointing Oil** created by Madame X just for these events!
  • Have a Reading by Madame X herself ($15)
  • Speak your truth, be Heard, and Receive
  • Just have an old fashioned good time
  • 🌟 As your hostess, I’m gonna dress up. Feel free to dress however you feel good, comfortable, magical etc🙌

Elixirs: $2-4 each, cash/venmo/paypal accepted

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**Mugwort amplifies psychic vision, may induce prophetic dreams, encourages wisdom and observation, is an excellent helper for confronting difficult truths and is strongly protective.

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