What is Pravilo?

Pravilo is a Russian method of fitness training designed to stretch, strengthen, and enhance physical performance. The method was developed in ancient Russia and was used by warriors before battle.

It works to stretch and strengthen the internal framework of joints, tendons, and ligaments, as well as improve mental clarity and the ability to work under stress.

By stretching all the connective tissues and removing knots and blockages, Pravilo practice increases blood flow to the entire body. The end result is a stronger, calmer, and more agile body and mind


Meet Your Pravilo Instructor

Bill Parravano

Your Pravilo Instructor

Bill Parravano

Pravilo is a part of “the System”, also called “Systema” – a Russian Martial Art. Bill has been studying Systema since the late 1990s, and began teaching it in 2004. With the help of a friend, Bill built and began using the Pravilo in his studio. He has trained on the Pravilo on a regular basis ever since.

Learn more about Bill here.


What to Expect During Your Pravilo Workout

Your Pravilo workout session works on many levels at the same time – Physical, Mental and Emotional. You’ll begin your Pravilo workout with a series of body weight exercises to warm up the body and the joints. Most of these body weight exercises are coupled with proper breathing that we learn during our weekly Systema Practices.

The idea is to make sure you have a light sweat going when you get attached to the machine. Our goal is to help further the workout and get deep stretch in the body in ways that conventional stretching or Yoga is unable to reach. When you first begin working on the Pravilo we’ll go lighter in weight to get a better understanding of what it feels like with your joints in traction. Based on your body’s response to the machine we can consider a number of a variations to your Pravilo Workout (Face up/down, Increased weight, various positions for the arms and legs, etc.)

I’ll be monitoring closely how you’re responding to the Pravilo and be coaching you through the process of how to get the most out of your time on the machine. When you’re ready to be “let down,” I’ll get you unhooked from the machine quickly.

Who Can Train on the Pravilo?

Healthy Adults | Teens | Mature Children (8 yrs+)

Pravilo is a versatile way to work out. You can use it at the level you are at. In other words, most fitness levels can use it!

Questions about if Pravilo is right for you? Email/Text/Call Bill.

  • Working out on the Pravilo is not a competition! You only need to do what your body can handle on the Pravilo to experience it’s benefits!
  • You don’t need a “beach body” to physically handle Pravilo workouts! We adjust it to your level.


Water or some other hydrating liquid.

Comfortable, flexible clothing (you don’t want to be in stiff pants or dress clothes). Consider that when hanging and your midriff may show and (for ladies) your shirt gap at the chest and expose “the girls.”( We found it helpful to tuck in shirts, wear sports bras or higher neck shirts and/or wear tight fitting workout type clothes while on the machine. Remove jewelry.

CHILDREN: Must be supervised. If you bring a young child with you, please consider that you will not be able to supervise them once you are on the Pravilo and we cannot provide childcare services. Please consider your Pravilo time time for you to have “self care” time.

Please do not wear perfume, cologne, and pets.

Book a Private Pravilo Session

Pravilo is also done at the end of Systema Practice each week. If you are interested in joining that training, click here.

Do you have Pravilo questions? Reach out!


Pravilo Videos

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