Sweat Lodge April 9, 2022 CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER

Sweat Lodge April 9, 2022 CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER


April 9, 2022    
All Day


Sovereignty Lab
4 Locust Grove Road, Weaverville, NC, 28787

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sweat lodge asheville weaverville north carolinaNEW DATE TBD

Led by Bill Parravano

A small window of opportunity to leave the world behind and focus on what’s important to you…

The sweat lodge dates back 1000’s of years in North America and we are honored to continue that practice on our land

How to prepare:

– Make sure to clear your day and give yourself time to integrate the day after the lodge
– Eat nothing or light that morning. The lodge will get hot, you will sweat and you’ll get much more from the sweat with less in your stomach.
– Keep well hydrated with good clean water for a few days before and the day of.
– Several days before the lodge, make note of the parts of your life causing friction or irritation. You’ll be able to use that increased awareness in the lodge to transform those experiences to something greater and more productive…

When to arrive:

Plan on arriving 3-4 hours before sunset. There are places to be on the land for you to slow down and get into a contemplative mindset in preparation for the lodge.
The sweat will begin at sunset on the date listed. Check the following link to find out when that is: https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/
– We’ll be done later in the evening much after dark…

What to bring:

– 3 towels (1 to sit on, 1 small one to wipe your face in the lodge, and 1 to dry off with after the lodge)
– Water bottle (There is plenty of fresh spring water available on the land)

What to wear:

– Men – Comfortable loose fitting shorts
– *Women – Wear a single (one piece) comfortable loose fitting dress

*Note women are NOT allowed in the lodge during their moon cycle


What to leave behind:

– Your ego
– Your schedule
– Your phone

To Attend:

– Must register in advance as space is very limited. Contact Bill to register


If you have any other questions about the ceremony itself, we will cover that around the fire before we go into the lodge…

If there are other questions about preparing for the sweat, feel free to call, text or shoot me an email…




Donations are welcomed and accepted however, I’m more in interested in the participants of the ceremony being vested in the lodge and contribute to it with a “Pay it Forward” mentality…

Here are some of the exchanges looked for:
– Cedar/Leyland Cypress trees
– Herbs for the ceremony (Sage, Sweet Grass, Cedar, Tobacco)
– Help with wood: Cutting, Splitting, Stacking or having a load of wood delivered
– Help with getting rocks to the land (we have a place to get them free, or maybe you do as well)
– Other incidentals: cleaning up, helping to dry the blankets, etc

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