Christmas Eve Potluck and “Dirty” Santa Gift Exchange

Christmas Eve Potluck and "Dirty" Santa Gift Exchange


December 24, 2022    
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Sovereignty Lab
4 Locust Grove Road, Weaverville, NC, 28787

Event Type

Come celebrate with us and have some fun

We promise, we won’t bring up your sordid past, ask you when you’ll get a “real” job, tell you that you won’t amount to anything, inform you (as if you didn’t know) that you have packed on a few pounds, ask you when you are going to get married and have kids, or accuse you of being brainwashed! ONLY BLACK SHEEP ALLOWED! HA!.

*Family friendly event*
**Leave your furry friends at home**


  • a Dish* to share (main dish, side dish, dessert, drinks)
  • a wrapped “Dirty” Santa gift to trade (up to $15, homemade appreciated! ) (SEE RULES AND GUIDELINES BELOW)
  • Dish, cup and silverware

*If you can’t cook or don’t have time to pick something up to bring, you can leave a donation 🙂


GPS sometimes misses our driveway. Our driveway is beside The Knee Pain Guru sign and is actually on Old Mars Hill Highway (NOT Locust Grove Rd). We can accommodate 6-8 cars in the driveway (park on the sides, DO NOT BLOCK DRIVEWAY.
OVERFLOW PARKING: Park across the street at BLUE RIDGE BIKER CHURCH (on Old Mars Hill Highway). Walk across the street and down the hill of our driveway and to the right, come in the BLUE DOOR beside the double garage doors. YOU CAN DRIVE THROUGH the driveway first to UNLOAD…


  1. Place wrapped gifts in the center of the room or a table.
  2. If multiple people come from your household, please bring a small wrapped gift for each person to add to the table so each person can also pick a present!
  3. Each participant draws a number.
  4. The guest holding #1 goes first. Who would’ve guessed?
  5. Number one chooses a gift, unwraps it, and oohs and aahs before putting it on display for all to see. Gifts must stay in view at all times and remain in their original packaging, if applicable. NO EATING THE CHOCOLATE!
  6. Each subsequent guest has two options; they can either steal a gift from a guest who has gone before them or choose an unopened gift from the pile.
  7. If a guest has their gift stolen, they can either steal from another or choose an unopened gift. They may NOT steal the same gift that was just stolen from them until the next round.
  8. Gifts can be stolen up to TWO times. A gift is frozen with the THIRD owner. Encourage your guests to steal. Stealing makes for a fun, lively game!
  9. If number one has the same gift they started with, they may choose to trade with any unfrozen gift.
  10. The game is over! Wasn’t that FUN?
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