Animal Processing Class – Mindset and Strategy Jan 15, 2023

Animal Processing Class - Mindset and Strategy Jan 15, 2023


January 15, 2023    
11:00 am - 1:00 pm


Sovereignty Lab
4 Locust Grove Road, Weaverville, NC, 28787

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This LIMITED SIZE class, led by Bill Parravano, will cover topics such as:

  • mindset around acquiring animal
  • complete and sustainable use of the animal to minimize waste
  • tools needed
  • preparing a car kit
  • size considerations
  • processing station considerations
  • butchering needs
  • cooking considerations
  • storage and distribution discussion

This class will prepare you to begin processing animals from small sized (squirrels, chickens, rabbits, etc) up to large sized (deer, bear, elk).

THE NEXT STEP (after this class):

The Mindset and Strategy Class is a prerequisite to the next class:
Animal Processing Class: PRACTICUM

In this class, we will go further down the “rabbit hole” of breaking down the process of acquiring and utilizing the whole animal. We will also cover the ethical slaughter and WILL BE PROCESSING a small animal… (class time and link coming soon!)AND what will be even more exciting, is when we have our next roadkill find!

**Remember, we are building our spotters, processors, companions, and crafters network NOW so we can use all parts of each animal we process.





$20 for the class.


  • You may wish to take notes, bring layers to keep warm…
  • If you sign up for a class and can’t make it, your payment will roll over to the next class or credited towards a future offering

GPS, DRIVEWAY and Parking:

Our driveway is actually on Old Mars Hill Highway, just beside the Knee Pain Guru sign (Bill’s alter ego!). Park on the sides of driveway, but please do not block the driveway.

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